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Administration Staff


Name: Julie Walker

Position: Manager

Job Description: The manager is responsible to the Wangka Maya Board of Directors for the overall running of the organisation.

Background: I am a Yinhawangka woman from the Gobawarrah (Ashburton) area, I was born in Roebourne my family was forced to relocate to the Onslow native welfare reserve where we grew up. I have spent over 30 years managing Government and Non-Government organisations in WA and have a Batchelor of Social Work, Arts (Social Science) and honours in Australian Indigenous cultural studies and research from Curtin University. During the past few years I have been working with Dr Margaret Florey on recording and reclaiming my mothers work in Yinhawangka language and have been blessed to secure the manager’s position here at Wangka Maya.


Name: Eugenia Gray

Position: Administration Officer

Job Description: My role is to manage the administration section of Wangka Maya and keep everything running with regards to accounts, invoices, ordering, payroll, supplies and vehicles.

Background: I am a Bardi woman from One Arm Point in the Kimberleys. I have lived in Hedland since 1992. I have worked in administration roles at Wangka Maya since 1999. I have studied business administration and computing at Pilbara TAFE.



Language Staff


Name: Jason Lee

Position: Senior Linguist

Job Description: My role is to lead and coordinate the language team, made up of linguists, language workers and our whole extended team of language specialists who live throughout the Pilbara. My focus is to work in partnership with the community to produce useful and valuable language resources for a wide audience. We aim to make these resources as accessible as possible to the community, so that materials are available for future generations.

Background: I started at Wangka Maya in 2013. I was born in Singapore (to Peranakan and Cantonese parents) but came to Australia and began studying linguistics at The University of Western Australia in 1993. I spent two years in the Philippines from 1998 where I helped put together a dictionary of Agusan Manobo from Mindanao. From 2000 to 2004, I was a linguist at Diwurruwurru-jaru, the Katherine Regional Aboriginal Language Centre in the Northern Territory. I worked on languages east of Katherine such as Mangarrayi, Jawoyn, Dalabon, Rembarrnga, Ritharrngu and Mayali. I also worked on Kriol, compiling the 2004 draft of the Kriol dictionary. From 2002 to 2010, I was based at the Australian National University, from where I went to Indonesia several times and did linguistic fieldwork on the Mandar language of western Sulawesi. Later, I worked as a linguist at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies in Canberra. I am very happy to be in Hedland working for Wangka Maya.


Name: Donald Thomas

Position: Language Worker

Job Description: Ngaju warrkamujarrinyarni Wangka Mayanga jinarni Nyangumarta project. Ngajulu recording jinikinyarni pukun radio-ku nyungu Wangka Mayanga. Ngaju warrkamujarrinyarni janaku linguists-ja pukun Wangka Mayangapa Nyangumarta marrngurrangungu nyungunga community-nga.

I work at Wangka Maya doing Nyangumarta projects. I have also been doing recording here at Wangka Maya for the radio. I work alongside the Wangka Maya linguists and work with the Nyangumarta people in this community.

Background: Ngaju Nyangumarta marrngu, muwarrpinarnipa yarntanarni Nyangumarta. Ngaju miranu jintaku pukun muwarrku nyungunga Pilbara-nga. Ngajulu karrinyarni muwarrkurrangu kalkunaku yija ngalypa.

I’m a Nyangumarta person and I speak, read and write Nyangumarta. I also have knowledge of other Pilbara languages. I want to help keep our languages strong.


Name: Nora Cooke

Position: Language Worker and Cultural Awareness Training Facilitator

Job Description and Background: Nora is committed to keeping her Ngarla language strong. She enjoys working with children and holds regular language nests in partnership with South Hedland Primary School. Nora makes language resources for children and helps the Wangka Maya linguists to record and document Ngarla.





Name: Annie Edwards-Cameron

Position: Linguist

Job description: My role is to help the Yinhawangka, Banyjima and Nyiyaparli language communities record their languages and make resources for language use and learning.

Background: I grew up in Tasmania and recently completed studies in Linguistics and Indigenous Studies at the University of New England, NSW. I am looking forward to helping Pilbara language communities keep their languages strong for future generations. I started at Wangka Maya in 2014.


Name: Lorice Douglas

Position: Language Worker and Cultural Awareness Training Facilitator

Job Description: Lorice is a member of the Cultural Awareness Training team and works on Ngarluma projects.

Background: Hello, my name is Lorice Douglas. I’m a Ngarluma Nguri Nyungu. I started working with Wangka Maya in July 2013. I really enjoy working with other Indigenous workers from different language groups. While I’m working here at Wangka Maya, I would like to further my expectations of understanding more about Aboriginal languages, and better my knowledge about my work wise in the communities.


Name: Peter Hill

Position: Linguist

Job Description: I started at Wangka Maya in 2011. I hope to help the people at Wangka Maya to record and document some of the endangered Pilbara languages and also to help produce resources for people to learn and use some of the Pilbara languages.

Background: I finished a university research thesis on Kurrama (a language of the central Pilbara). I was lucky to work with an elder in Onslow on this language. Before this, I lived in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory where I was taught by the local people to speak some Arrernte (the traditional language of the area). I hope to learn about Pilbara bush foods and medicines.