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Putijarra work in Wiluna


Andrew tries to shield the microphone from Wiluna's wild easterly

Wangka Maya linguists have worked on the data collection of the Putijarra language for several years and in 2008 were thrilled to locate another fluent speaker in the town of Wiluna. A film crew, linguist Sue Hanson and speaker Grace Coppin travelled to Wiluna to record the speaker, Tilly Stevens.


Tilly spent time with the team telling stories and discussing Putijarra words. The film crew of Martin Humphreys and Andrew Spratt recorded each day. Further filming was done of Grace Coppin's visits in and around Wiluna, with several bush tucker plants being located and a trip to Well 2 on the Canning Stock Route.


The material from this trip will be added to Wangka Maya's database and will enhance future publications.