Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that this website may contain

the names and images of people who have passed away

Wangka Maya Language Centre manages programs aimed at the recording, analysis, preservation, maintenance and promotion of the Pilbara region's Aboriginal languages, culture and history.


Wangka Maya's programs are:


Nyaparu (William) Gardiner has worked with Wangka Maya for many years to produce resources in Nyangumarta


Wangka Maya works with the Pilbara Aboriginal language communities to produce dictionaries, grammars, storybooks, recordings and other resources to promote the preservation and use of the 31 languages of the Pilbara region. Visit our on-line shop for information on published resources or contact our senior linguist at acameron@wangkamaya.org.au for information on unpublished material. 

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The recording of historical events, production of books, DVDs and educational material linked to these events. Past projects include the development of the Right to Be Counted and Marnti Warajanga photographic exhibitions, the development of DVDs and other resources about the 1946 Strike and the publication of the life stories of Pilbara Aboriginal people. A collection of historical and contemporary photographs can be viewed at the Language Centre.

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Bayungu people gather to rebury ancestral remains.


The recording of cultural information such as songs, stories, images and socio-linguistic material, production of books, DVDs and educational material based on this cultural information. Wangka Maya has also facilitated the return of ancestral remains to the Pilbara from around Australia and continues to work with the Department of Indigenous Affairs to ensure that newly discovered remains are returned to country. In 2010-11 Wangka Maya has conducted a feasibility study into the establishment of a Cultural Centre and Research Institute for Aboriginal Studies in Port Hedland.

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Elsie Williams and Lena Alone share stories of their lives, culture and language at Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural Awareness Training

The delivery of cultural awareness training to aid cross cultural communications and understandings about Aboriginal language, culture and history amongst the broader community.

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Community Initiatives

Wangka Maya undertakes partnerships or projects across a broad range of community initiatives, with the aim of fostering and developing cross cultural relationships, understandings and interest in Aboriginal languages, culture and history.

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Link Up

Reconnecting Pilbara and Gascoyne Aboriginal people to their families. People may have lost contact due to Stolen Generation issues, migration, settlement issues, fostering and other processes. (Note: From Jan 2012 the Link Up Service has now been transferred to Yorgum. For more details, call Yorgum on 9218 9477